Our Concept

There are two kinds of hunger that drive what we do at Hot Point. The first is one you know well – every few hours a body’s got to eat, simple as that. The other kind of hunger is the drive to turn a concept into a reality. Our concept is a unique restaurant that satisfies your hunger and fuels you as you chase your personal passion.

Food is an expression of who we are as a people. It’s what we love. Recipes that our mothers cooked for us stay with us for years. As we grow, we expand our tastes to include the food we find in our travels and what we eat with new friends. That’s how our menu grew: an influx of new faces from all over the world call the Triangle home and they’ve brought amazing flavors with them. We’ve tried them all and added the best to what we make by hand every morning.

What we cook is as diverse as the people of the Triangle. The menu has elements of Mexican food, Cajun flair, Italian influence, American staples and plenty of seafood. We know it’s too much to try in one sitting, so our favorite moment is when loyal customers come in week after week and say, “Order for me!” We appreciate that trust and try to repay that loyalty with a devotion to making sure each and every meal exceeds expectations.

So what is our style? Eclectic. Unique. New American. California Conceptual. Whatever you call it, we know it’s easier to taste than to describe. Come in, grab a beverage and give Hot Point a try. You’ll leave happy.