The Restaurant

Welcome to Hot Point! We’re Cary’s best restaurant for casual dining and expanding your taste buds’ horizons.

Our one-of-a-kind menu is unlike anything else you’ve experienced in the area. We proudly serve what you might call world fusion food inspired from the coasts of the Mediterranean all the way to the beaches of California. We mix Mexican, Italian and Coastal styles in combinations of decadent tastes. There are naturally vegetarian meals, plenty of gluten-free options and drinks that you’re more likely to find at a bottle shop than a bar. The bottom line is that at Hot Point, we bring our customers the highest quality cuisine at extremely reasonable prices. We’re proud to have loyal customers who think of Hot Point as their place.

You may remember when Hot Point was on Buck Jones Road. Our new location on Walnut Street has 3 times the indoor and outdoor seating, plus the same hand-made lunch specials. Grab a table and relax anytime, or hop on our free wireless internet if a working lunch is more your style. Or if you’re short on time, give us a call at 919.460.6299 for takeout and catering.